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My First Post

This is my first post, and dawnofme is making me do it.  I'm a widely read, multi-lingual techno-moron.  I'm also known to Dawn as the Fairy Godmother of Verbal Usage, but grammar, diction, and so forth couldn't have gotten me through all the business of livejournal and email.  Without her kind and endlessly patient help, it would never have been done.  Don't believe me?  Ask her.  As I told her, next to the last hour and a half setting all this up, Chaucer in Middle English is a snap.  I'm mentally exhausted, but Dawn, you're a peach!  Sigh!

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    Happy, happy birthday, Sotia! Big Smooch, Me

  • Writer's Block: Riddle me this

    I liberal arts brain can't wrap around the idea that multiplying two negative numbers creates a positive number.

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    Dear Sotia, Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear you-oooooooooo!!! Happy birthday to you!!! And many more. Love, Me

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